Preen: Skin Manager for Plex

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  1. 1.Install, update and manage many Plex skins.

  2. 2.One central app to browse many of the great skins available for Plex.

  3. 3.One easy button to update your Plex skins to their latest versions.

  4. 4.No need to download a new version of the software when new skins are released; Preen checks a central list of skins.

  5. 5.Manual or automatic use.  Check for updates manually using the provided buttons or leave Preen running in the background and it will automatically find new skins and update you to the latest version of the skin every 24 hours.


  1. 1.Preen must be run on the same computer as Plex.

  2. 2.Plex 0.9.


  1. 1.Preen works best if Git is also installed.  Git can be downloaded from here.

Skin Developers:

In order to have your skin listed in Preen please PM VicariousMe on the plexapp forums prepared to submit the following:

  1. 1.The name of the skin.

  2. 2.The github address.

  3. 3.A link to a webpage with preview images.  (Or, if you prefer, a zip file with a folder containing either a webpage or screenshots of the skin to be hosted on


Preen is made possible by code from Maverick214.

Plex skin screenshots courtesy of El Massman.

Skins are linked with permission from Maverick214, El Massman, reddraggon220, jaaps

The Plex development team.

Changes in v1.61 (Posted Nov 19, 2011):

  1. 1.Fixes a bug for skin names containing spaces.

Changes in v1.60 (Posted Oct 30, 2011):

  1. 1.Laika Compatibility.

  2. 2.New radio buttons to switch between Laika skins and 9.0 skins.

Changes in v1.51 (Posted Aug 6, 2011):

  1. 1.Fixes an issue where skin modification dates wouldn't update.

Changes in v1.5 (Posted Apr 2, 2011):

  1. 1.Ability to select a skin directly from Preen.

  2. 2.Ability and preference to report on a user's skin.

  3. 3.Ability to remove skins from the skins list.

  4. 4.Resolves a crash-on-startup issue effecting a few users.

  5. 5.Resolution of a few memory leaks.

Changes in v1.4 (Posted Jan 9, 2011):

  1. 1.Hopefully resolves crashing that some users of 1.3 had on start-up.  (Users who crash consistently will need to download the new version from the website as the auto-update feature won't work if you can't actually open Preen.)

  2. 2.Added a 'Get Git' menu option (to the Skins menu) to make obtaining the latest version of Git easier.

Changes in v1.3 (Posted Dec 30, 2010):

  1. 1.Added a Progress Indicator

  2. 2.Removed unnecessary menus from menu bar; Added Skins menu

  3. 3.Preen now obtains the latest modification dates of the skins from github

  4. 4.Major layout changes with data now arranged in a table; sortable by column

  5. 5.Up/Down arrows update the display of the skin as expected

  6. 6.Skins download on a separate thread, no longer blocking the main thread.  Skins are now checked at application launch.

  7. 7.Added support for multiple branches of the same skin.

Changes in v1.2 (Posted Nov 13, 2010):

  1. 1.git is no longer necessary for Preen to run (but it is still highly recommended)

  2. 2.fixed an issue where git didn't work if its location was /usr/local/bin/git

  3. 3.added support for downloading a tree in git, instead of just master

Changes in v1.1 (Posted Sept 4, 2010):

  1. 1.Now works with git when located in (or symlinked to) the following folders:

  2. /usr/local/git/bin/git

  3. /opt/local/bin/git (MacPorts install)

  4. /usr/local/bin/git

  5. 2.Added an Icon

  6. 3.Improved logging